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Ref.51 Armchair cm.W96xD88xH103 Wingback Embossed Leather Look €1,250

Ref.86 Armchair cm.W70xD87xH104 Ivory 447 €1,125

Ref.87 Armchair cm.W108xD90xH91 Class Fabric Astrix Qty=2 €1,125

Ref.123 Armchair Swivel cm.W69xD79zH100 Black €1,125

Ref.84 Armchair Black Nickel & Chrome W/Black Leather 1131 Qty=2 €1,000

Ref.100 Armchair cm.W70xD87xH104 Beech 447 €1,000

Ref.118 Armchair Silver & Brass Plated 1141T €875

Ref.98 Armchair cm.W80xD77xH98 Gold Highlights Fabric Plum €875

Ref.83 Armchair cm.W80xD85xH97 Louis XVI Fabric Lilac Stripped €875

Ref.96 Armchair cm.W69xD72xH97 Gold Highlights 1134 Fabric Stripped Red €750

Ref.133 Armchair cm.W77xD79xH104 Antique Ivory 213 Fabric Roma 5641 387 Qty=2 €750

Ref.168 Armchair Chrome Fabric Blue 19 Qty=2 €750

Ref.135 Armchair cm.W77xD79xH104 Ivory 213 Fabric Rigato 08812 00206 Qty=5 €750

Ref.153 Armchair Foldover To Library Steps cm.54x52xH82 Solid Cherrywood Leather Black 1577 €750

Ref.103 Armchair cm.W89xD97xH101 Relax Blue 991 €750

Ref.97 Armchair cm.W70xD78xH104 Art.1074 Fabric Burgundy €750

Ref.126 Armchair cm.W77xD79xH104 Antique Tempera 213 Fabric Africa 1955 6745 Qty=2 €750

Ref.125 Armchair cm.W66xD79xH89 Silver Leaf Fabric Blue MOD1 331525085L012157 €750

Ref.151 Armchair Coil Sprung White Fabric Beige €700

Ref.148 Armchair cm.67x67xH96 Coil Sprung 240 Gold Fabric Wine €700

Ref.108 Armchair cm.W73xD82xH88 Art.424 Bolivia 6699 991 €700

Ref.208 Armchair Coil Sprung Leather Green 145 €625

Ref.149 Armchair Gold Leaf LXVI, Pink Floral €625

Ref.137 Armchair cm.W63xD73xH100 Silver Highlights Fabric Light Blue €625

Ref.140 Armchair cm.W64xD71xH93 Silver Leaf A90 Fabric Boario 107 €625

Ref.121 Armchair cm.W69xD84xH97 Black Fabric Gold 332133017A128676 €625

Ref.142 Chair Leather Olivia D21 Ivory Qty=2 €625

Ref.171 Armchair Cherrywood W/Ivory Matt Isotta Qty=2 €625

Ref.164 Armchair Ash Stained Oak Bryant Max Fabric Poli Var.30 Qty=2 €625

Ref.169 Armchair Solid Cherrywood Desta €550

Ref.195 Armchair Sirio Chrome, Leather Ivory €550

Ref.210 Chair Red,Green,Yellow Stripes Quincy 180602020D162003 €500

Ref.174 Armchair Wenge Fabric Brown W/Cushion MOD1 331521067D197020 €500

Ref.186 Armchair Open Sides Wenge Fabric Green €500

Ref.182 Armchair cm.W67xD71xH92 Louis XV Fabric Blue €500

Ref.222 Armchair Coil Sprung LXV Blue €450

Ref.224 Armchair Chrome Leather Black 20 €450

Ref.253 Armchair Oak, Removable Green Fabric €375

Ref.279 Armchair Leather Red Seat 269/257 €375

Ref.207 Armchair Coil Sprung Louis XVI, White, Fabric Lemon €375

Ref.219 Armchair Coil Sprung Gold Leaf Pozetto Louis XV €375

Ref.230 Armchair Coil Sprung Pozetto Louis XV Old White Qty=2 €375

Ref.231 Armchair Chome Sumbawa/P Leather 3010 Black €375

Ref.213 Armchair Antique Decape Fabric Wine Coil Sprung €375

Ref.214 Armchair Coil Sprung Light Beech Oval Back Fabric Wine €375

Ref.209 Armchair Coil Sprung Old White Fabric Leopard Seats €375

Ref.233 Armchair Fabric Blue Qty=2 €300

Ref.270 Armchair Antique Decape & Gold Fabric Cream Beige Striped 992 €300

Ref.242 Armchair Back With Diamond Carvings €300

Ref.247 Armchair Coil Sprung LouisXV Old White €250

Ref.339 Armchair cm.55x55xH81 Chromed Wenge Red 262CWE/RO €175

Ref.340 Armchair cm.55x55xH81 Chromed Wenge Yellow 262CWE/GI Qty=2 €175

Ref.480 Armchair 323618 cm.56.5xD44 xSeatH49 xArmH66 xH80 Vol.0.359 €175

Ref.387 Armchair Tub Stained Walnut €75

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